CSANI main client BET+-

“CSANI main client BET+-“ is the second client platform created for making orders on the derivative instruments market offered by CSANI. It replaces the two buttons “BET+” and “BET-“ by one button – “BET”. This button’s effect is that it divides the amount set by the “Stakes” button by two, and uses the resulting sums to buy a CALL option, very similar to how we’d buy it using the “BET+” button, and a PUT option, similar to the one bought by the “BET-“ button. By changing the amount we want to use on the bought option with the “Stakes” button, we change the sums the option can “pay out” accordingly. It’s easy to see, that they are appropriately twoce as small as on the first platform (CSANI main client BET+ BET-), That’s the result of each of the options bought in this platform being in fact a “half” of the BET+ option and a “half” of the “BET-“ option. To highlight the individualism of the platform, the levels of the payoff have been shown on the graph’s right side, and the arrows marking these levels are drawn with in blue, and not green and red (like in the BET+ and BET- options, respectively).
The remaining functions of the platform, especially the effects of the navigation buttons above the “BET” button’s line, are identical to the ones of the first platform (CSANI main client BET+ BET-).

A great advantage of the options offered by this platform is their complete immunity to any currency exchange rates risks and the withdrawal relying only on the changes of the base instrument. It doesn’t matter what direction will the base instrument take during our options’ lifespan – the only thing that matters is that it changes significantly, in whichever direction.

We especially encourage professional speculators to use the instruments we offer. There is no other instrument on the market, that equally allows managing in a professional way the short-term variation risk on the currency market, regarding the options we offer.