CSANI 5 REELS OF FRUITS client platform

The investing platform “CSANI 5 REELS OF FRUITS client platform” doesn’t differ at all from the base investing platform (CSANI main client BET+ BET-), from a service and possibilities point of view. The only difference is the way the transaction and the money “prize” connected to it are visualized.
When purchasing either the “BET+” or “BET-“ option on the small panel with the “drums”, the drums start spinning. When the payout is being set, the drums stop spinning and a combination of icons settles in. This combination and the resulting payoff is an exact match to the amount related to the payment of an option.

Each “game” that’s a visualization of the option’s withdrawal during the setting of the option’s payout, chooses another combination of the drums from all the possibilities of combinations that give the exact same payoff. Each drum “game” has specific “drums” – that is the number of consecutive icons on each of the “drums” is constant and specific. When each drum spins, it displays the list of it’s icons from start to finish, and when it reaches the last one it displays the very first one on the list next. For each drum game like “CSANI 5 REELS OF FRUITS client platform” we hold a list of drum combinations for every possible payoff, that gives the drum game the withdrawals equal to the one gained from the option. You can get to know the method we use to choose the proper drum combination for each payout by reading this document.

The amount of the payment is set by the CSANI option itself, and the knowledge of how the “drums” will position themselves doesn’t introduce anything relevant to the withdrawal, but if you’re interested in the algorithm related to it, we advise you to read the above document.